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All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go......

As you can see, I have nearly completed packing my stuff. After getting a couple of quotes I have decided to go with "International Sea and Air", not to be mistaken with "Sea and Air International". They had the cheapest quote. It's slowly becoming a reality, but is still difficult to believe that I am actually moving to Australia.

Last week I got to visit with Mary Poppins, aka Noe Dwight. That was fun, as I also got to connect with a few other of my students as well.

I still have to deal with the two Subaru's (titles etc, insurance), as well as tie up other financial things.

I will be driving across the country with my son Danny and our friend Charlie. We have to decide whether to go the Southern route or the Northern route. Any thoughts?

Mary Poppins, My favourite nanny!

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