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Cairns: palm Cove,Botanic Gardens, Lake Placid. (Days 4 and 5)

on these days we visited a few sites such as the Cairns botanical gardens, lake Placcid and 25 mins up the road to Palm Cove. Beth's friend Wayne drove us around for which we are very grateful. At palm cove, even thought the beaches look wonderful, one has to be careful swimming in the water, especially in the summer. There are bottle of vinegar and first aid stationed up the coast in case of jellyfish stings. Of course swimming near a creek mouth brings risks of crocodiles. Yes they will swim up the coast in the ocean. Probably not very common but more near where creeks or rivers flow into the ocean. Of course our days were spent eating and drinking lots of coffee at the coffee shops. Seems like where ever we went, we would find the local coffee shop! The weather was warm during the day, but cool in the mornings and evenings. We went to have dinner at the Casino one night, and the birds were so loud in the trees outside that i went to have a look and of course I got shat on! We eventually went on the big ferris wheel, "the eye" as they call them now. I was a bit nervous as I am afraid of heights, but managed to go around without throwing up!

the next episode will be our visit up to the hills to Karunda by train and back by skyrail. this gave us a chance to see some of the rainforest and visit the bird and butterfly parks. You won't want to miss that one. I was constantly amazed at how mountainous this area is and am in awe of the early settlers and how they managed to build the railroad and in fact how anybody including the indigenous people lived in this environment, where everything is out to kill you!

Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching.

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