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Dingo's trip to the USA!

Hi folks, sorry this has taken so long to get up online. Last July school holidays I was able to go to the US to visit my boys. Out school had a 3 week winter break which allowed me bout two weeks in the US with days to get over jet-lag when i returned. I had not seem Ben or Daniel (and friends) since leaving the US in August 2019 and who knew when I might be able to get back there again.

I was lucky to be able to stay with Ben in his studio apartment in San Francisco, where we were also able to meet up with Ben's cousin Cody from Australia who is currently living in Vancouver. So he came down for a few days over the 4th July Holiday.

Then it was over to Raleigh in North-Carolina to see Daniel. I was able to stay with Daniel and Lisa (Daniel's mum) and catch up with many friends. It felt like coming home (rather weird). It was great to see some of the Baha'is again and especially to see John and Jake. I did a quick trip up to Boone and stay with Veronica and Jim Toub, but forgot to get a photo together!!!!

Then back to San Fran for a day before returning to Perth. It was an exhausting flight and trip, but worth it. Who knows what the next few years will bring and when we will get to see each other again.

I just did a quick imovie montage as it is rather boring looking at photos of other people is you don't know them. It goes quickly, a bit like the trip. Enjoy.

Thanks to everyone who gave up their time to visit with me, and of course to Ben and Daniel for putting up with their Dad.

(p.s At the time of writing this, Daniel has just arrived in San Francisco to take up his new job and has moved in with Ben)

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