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Down South 2022. Part 1. Stirling Ranges - Albany

Summer holidays! Three weeks ago Beth and I got married and this was our first trip away as a married couple. We decided to head down south again to escape the heat. Christmas and New Year had been 43,44,39 C etc. We went first to the Stirling Ranges where I hadn't been able to go before as it had been burnt by bush fires. Then are some beautiful climbs and hikes in this area, but it was a bit too hot for us to do much climbing these days. You would need to leave very early in the morning and take lot's of water with you. It was amazing how many people attempt the hike without enough water on them! Only the week before a guy who was on about 5 heart medicines attempted the climb to Bluff Knoll, the highest peak, only to have to be rescued and carried out.

We then went to Albany, where it was blowing a gale! (sorry about the sound quality at the end of the video. It's fine on the imovie, but not when downloaded?)

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