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Dwellingup: 1/2023 Day one.

Updated: Jan 28

Just before the end of the summer holidays, I took off for a couple of days camping in the bush about 1.5 hrs from my house. As it was school holidays all of the campsites in the national park were full up, therefore I had to go to Dwellingup caravan park instead. This is a lovely caravan park, but very expensive, $35 per night for a unpowered tent site!

the town is small but a popular tourist destination as there are hiking and biking trails as well as the Murry river suitable for canoeing. I was lovely to get away into the bush with all of the birds and beautiful river. It was a little chilly at night but warmed up enough to swim in the river during the day. I may even part a little philosophy in the video. Thanks for watching.

Still working on the video. Having some technical issues. Hopefully this one works!

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