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Dwellingup 1/2023 Last Day part 4

Well this is the last part of my time in Dwellingup. thanks for sticking with me. Hopefully I can still keep them coming.

Hope you are all doing well. I finally caught COVID a few weeks ago. It was spreading through my school. Wasn't too bad, just like a bad flu for a day. Part I had to take 5 days off until I was positive. Fortunately two of those days were a weekend. I say lucky, as being a teacher it is much more work providing relief lessons than it is going to work and teaching, even if feeling a bit off.

I then gave it to Beth, who had to take 7 days off according to her works regulations. She on the other hand, did not have to prepare lessons etc, so got to stay home and watch TV!! Anyway, this is like getting our 5th booster, so should do us well for another 9 months or so.

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