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Great USA Road Trip - Day 4. Laramie-Jackson Hole WY

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

We managed to get into Jackson in the daylight today, around 9:30 pm. Charlies mum booked a nice motel for us, thanks Jane, otherwise it would have been difficult to find some where to stay as it is high tourist season.

We started off by having a lovely home cooked breakfast at the "Vista de la Luna" B&B, then headed across the highway to Medicine Bow National Forest, to look at Turtle Rock, to do some rock-climbing. Actually we were just going to drive through and look at the scenery, but after Daniel saw all the cool rocks we had to, in his words "scringe up them"? Of course we had to take the hardest route straight up. I wished I hadn't put a new shirt on as it was dripping with sweat by the time we got to the top.

The views from the top were magnificent. (See photos and video.) Now that we had spent and extra hour climbing, we decided to head straight to Saratoga instead of driving more of the scenic route. Wyoming it seems, is just as flat as Kansas, but with a few more mesa's. At least we had great weather and no rain. Going through to Saratoga was a great idea as it was a beautiful drive up into the mountains, and relieved some of the monotony of the flat plains. Saratoga was a lovely old town, built around the late 1800's where everything apparently closes after midday. We managed to have a decent meal at a restaurant, which unfortunately took forever to make, adding more time to our already late start. Not complaining mind you as the climb and the route to Saratoga were both worth it. At some point we crossed over the continental divide! As we got closer to Jackson, we came through the Tetons (Mountains), or part of them anyway, really beautiful. Hopefully tomorrow we will see them earlier in the day and get some better photos and video. We finished off the evening with a meal at Bubba's BBQ.

Oh yeah, i was also wondering if any of you that have subscribed, are getting notifications when I post these blogs? Let me know in the comments please.

Bed and Breakfast between Cheyenne and Laramie. Make sure you get there in daylight!
Vista de la Luna

Climbing Turtle Rock.

Lichen on the rock

Saratoga est ~ 1880

Bubba's BBQ

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Aug 04, 2019

not getting any notification, only see posts if I remember to sign in. LOOKS great, how’s your time frame going’s? When will you arrive in AUS?.


Holy Cow! Vista de la Luna looks great!

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