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Great USA Road Trip -Day 5. Jackson to Salt Lake City.

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Wow, what a great day! Jackson is an interesting town, a cross between Blowing Rock and Tweetsie Railroad on steroids! Some great stores with cool western stuff. Unfortunately it was very crowded as it is the middle of the summer tourist season. We noticed that there were a lot of Eastern European's working there. The girl in the Fedex store was from Moldovia. We stayed at a funky motel (thank's to Charlie's mum) called "Mountain Modern Motel" which was pretty cool and centrally located.

After a lovely breakfast at Percefernies or something, with Charlie's Mum's friend Katsey, we headed out to Jenny Lake at the base of the Grand Tetons. The Tetons are part of the Rocky Mountain Chain, peak at just under 14,000 feet and are the youngest mountains in the world, at only 13 million years old. They are still growing! (Does that mean they are alive, Guardians?)

The lake was crystal clear and we had gorgeous weather. There were lots of people there but not so bad that we had to wait in any lines. You can do a nice hike around the lake if you wish ~ 3miles, or just drive along one side. We decided to do the scenic drive and the boys went for a quick dip in the lake- very refreshing! After the lake we headed towards Idaho Falls, stopping at a nice little town called "Wilson" along the way. I think if i was to come to this area again I would stay here. It was only about 20 mins from Jackson, located on a beautiful river and much less crowded.

After Idaho Falls we turned south towards Utah and Salt Lake City. The landscape, although following the other side of the Tetons, was decidedly drier. Salt Lake City is quite nice and seems to be a similar size to Raleigh (except very dry and surrounded by an escarpment).

The weather since Kansas has been beautiful with temps hovering around high eighties low nineties. We had dinner at a nice Asian Restaurant tonight, much better than Bubbas BBQ last night. We will head West tomorrow and depending on how long we stay at the "salt lake" will head to Santa Clara or if too late, stop off at Reno.

So I am wondering if any Guardians are reading/watching my vlog. Haven't had too many comments from anybody so cannot tell who is following along. Maybe I am doing all of this for nothing?? Doesn't matter, it is fun and it gives us something to do each day and night.

Hope you are all doing well, and I miss you all already.

Jackson, WY

Jenny Lake, Grand Tetons

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