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Murchison Trip- Cue and Nullan station. July

I cannot believe how much time has gone by since this trip and I have only gotten around to posting this vlog now. this trip occurred at the last school holiday in July. A whole term (3) has gone by and it is now spring school holidays again! School has been crazy busy, you have no idea how much work teachers do (some of you will). I barely had time to scratch myself let alone finish this vlog. There is another trip in between here which i will post afterwards, with just photos, when we went to look at the wonderful wildflowers.

This video is about our trip to Nullan station near Cue. We started at a friend's property where we met up with my long time friends, Bob and Lynette, and celebrated Bob's birthday at the pub in town. The bird life was spectacular. We then went up to Nullan station. This is a cattle station (or ranch) where you can camp and rent rooms in the former shearer's quarters. It is an active cattle station as well and they had just separated the calves from their mothers who were in the stock yards, who then consequently spent all night calling out to them..... didn't get much sleep that night. The station is huge and we went to visit the break-away country at the back of the stations. The next few days we looked around the area, at some of the ghost towns and in particular Walga Rock. I am ashamed to say that I had never heard of it before, yet it is the second biggest rock after Uluru in the World! It was quite spectacular. This is a very ancient land......... I hope you enjoy.

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Sam Teague
Sam Teague
Sep 29, 2021

You seem to a lot of long distance driving, which makes me wonder, what is the average price of petrol per litre in Australia?

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