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Murchison Trip, Part 2- Walga Rock

In this episode, we visit the second (or third, depending on how you count it) biggest Monolith in Australia, Walga Rock. It has the most Aboriginal Rock Paintings in WA. (I think I have worked out the lip-sync and stabilization problems? Finger crossed).

I was asked how much petrol (gas) was as we do a lot of long distance driving in Australia. Petrol costs about 135(-160) cents per liter which is about US$3.50 per gallon. Petrol fluctuates every day here in WA, with Mondays usually the cheapest day to buy petrol. Diesel is usually cheaper, but not always. Crazy, I know. So petrol is one of the biggest expenses with over-landing.

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Hearing you say "cheer", suddenly, out of nowhere, I thought of smoked oyster and fisherman's friend or candy!

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