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Outdoor Adventures 6/2019

I completed my last Outdoor Adventures camp with Greg Dahlin at the Montessori School of Raleigh. We ended up with 15 hobbits, 6 of which were girls which was great. We had a lot of difficulty getting a female chaperone this year as Stephanie Demming was unable to go, so thanks to Jen for stepping in at the last minute. (She and her kids had just gotten back from Guatemala!). This year we had NO rain, which was very unusual as last year it thunder-stormed every day! We also had no injuries.. yeah! So other than an hour detour through the woods to get to our site, "John Rock", it was a very pleasant camp, thank fully as we had such a large group. On the second day we hike the "Cat Gap loop" trail and up to John Rock which has specatcular views of 'Looking Glass Rock".

I was thank full to be able to get out into the woods/mountains one more time. I have been doing Outdoor Adventures for ~ 10 years now, Ben and Danny participated when they were wee lads, and Danny helped as a counselor for a couple of years. Actually it was interesting to see two of the smaller girls using the packs that Ben and Daniel started with, that we donated to OA.

I would like to thank Greg for the opportunity to work with him these past many years.

I thought it was about time to let go of some of my Akubra's. Unfortunately I lost my balck hat the week before!

Heading off from our campsite on Cat Gap Loop back to the bus

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