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So it feels that it has been forever since I have spoken to you all. I cannot believe it has only been 3 weeks since I landed in Australia, feels like it has been ages. As you can imagine I have been extremely busy.

I have had to sign up for various government programmes including Medicare, which is our free health care system. Yes, I'll repeat that, FREE HEALTH CARE. I am also trying to register as a teacher and start to look for teaching jobs. But first I needed to find a car, which I have done (see photos).

I have found everyone here really helpful and friendly, from the waitress at the coffee shop, to enrolling in medicare to getting my Australian Drivers license. the latter only took me 20 mins!!

I am tempting to get a video made, I am just trying to upload it. Meanwhile, Danny has uploaded the last video from our trip across the US.

I have since headed down south to look at various schools which had jobs listed online. All of the applications are done online, and I am having trouble writing my applications in line with all of the new lingo and jargon that is used over here. People have been helpful, but I am still struggling with it. So much to share, but only 4 pages to do it. But because I have a 'growth mindset' and grit, I am sticking to it! In the meantime, I am going to start 'Relief' teaching, which will help me to get acclimated to school over here again.

By the way great to see that some of you Guardians have signed up; Sarah, Dig's, Maya, Caroline, Muna, Theresa, Leila, Josef, gep1231 (whoever that is?). I hope you 9th graders are settling in to highschool life okay? And the rest of you are enjoying being the leaders of the school. I guess Cheerio is coming up soon, yahoo! I will miss not being at the camp this year.

So hopefully I will get a video up soon, and you can see my trip down South to Albany. I am staying at a friends house while they are away in Vanuatu. It has a beautiful view of the bay and ocean. (see photos).

Thanks for reading and following me. Please say prayers that I get a job soon.


Dad, his wife Ireana, my sister Julie and husband Ian and Neice Jacinta and betrothed Ben.

Brother Darrell, his wife Julie, and sons Taylor and Cody.

Perth is very much a walking city.

My truck, Nissan Navara, with a Roo Bar.

Having lunch on the Beach with my brother Darrell and friend. I could get used to this!

Bob tailed skink

Red Tailed Blak Cockatoos

View on the way to the house I am staying at in Albany

Kangaroos, just hanging out.

Devonshire Tea!

View from house

Breakfast at the old Whaling Station.

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Caroline Carter
Caroline Carter

Hey Dingo, this is the first time I’m looking at your blog since before you left. Camp Cheerio is tomorrow and I just wanted to say that if you were on this trip you would make it better:) -Cole


Maya Akabueze
Maya Akabueze

Cheerio is coming up fast (on Wednesday!) I’m glad you’re doing well and I hope you find a job with wonderful students there!

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