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Raleigh to Boone

Updated: Aug 1, 2019

Hi folks, well we made it to Boone last night. Not a long distance, but we didn't leave Raleigh until the afternoon, after a stop at Sola to say goodbye to all the guys there. The weather was overcast and rainy, very different to the heat of Raleigh. We had dinner at Dos Amigos, which used to be our favourite Mexican restaurant. Still not bad, but not a good as it used to be, 3.5 stars. This morning we will have breakfast at another favourite, Sun Rise Grill. If you are in Boone, make sure you stop by here, 4.5 stars, but get in early as it is always crowded. Boone is still full of tourists at this time of year due to the "Appalachian Summer" events that are on all summer and the cooler temps.

We will upload some videos once we have the time to do so. We hope to make it to Kansas City tonight. Stay tuned.

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1 commentaire

Boone has changed a lot! The Blue Ridge Mountain in my memory was much prettier 😅😅. And the old house, of course!!

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