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South West Trip 2021; Day 4.

The day started off with rain, like it did almost exactly a year ago at the same place, Warren river National Park. Having survived the killer kookaburras and maddening march flies, we packed up and headed to Pemberton to have breakfast. It still amazes me that they still log in these forests. I know when you are standing in them, it seems like a lot of forest, but if you take an aerial view of WA, there isn't much forest left! Anyway we then visited Glouster Tree, but because it was wet we were not allowed to climb it (much to Beth's disappointment). We then headed to the "Tree Top Walk" and Tingle Forest. Ending the day at "The Cove" in Denmark. This is a beautiful private property where they have a number of hand built chalets with various accommodation arrangements. Well worth staying at, although a bit pricey ($170 per night). But if you had a family or a group of 4 or more, good value...Enjoy.

"Grandmother Tingle".

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