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Starting a Blog! 6/2019

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

Well we will see how this goes. This is my first time to do this and quite frankly I have no idea what I am doing. My intention is to be able to keep in contact with all my mates and students back in the U.S. and Saint Raphael. Who knows, maybe it will grow beyond that?

I have cleaned out my office and classroom, but still gong back to fee the animals until I know what is going to happen to them. At this stage I think that I may have to sell them.. I'll let you know.

I am currently busy packing and sorting out shipping etc.

We also celebrated Ben graduating from Santa Clara University in California. He is going to stay on one more year to finish his Masters. Ben will be working this summer and I my plan is to drive the Crostrek over to Ca with Danny (and Charlie) to give to him and then leave from Ca to Australia (on Qantas!).

I also want to reflect on the response that I have received from staff, parents and students as I leave the school. I have been truly overwhelmed and humbled by the generous and appreciative responses. It is nice to know that I had such a positive impact on so many students. As a teacher, especially in the middle and elementary grades, you usually do not hear back as to the impact you have on your students as they grow and move along their life's journey. I often wonder what actually gets back to parents from the many deep and wonderful discussions we had in class, especially with the 8th graders. I am interested in what stood out to you from the past years, if you can remember let me know! All in all though it has galvanized my determination to continue to do what I do, knowing that some of what we talk about and learn about in class actually sticks.

Well I am beginning to waffle so i will stop here. This is mainly me trying out this blog stuff. As I begin my journey I will update this site and hopefully add photos and videos (If I can work out how to do it!)

Keep watching this space!

Ben graduating from Santa Clara University, with a degree in computer engineering.

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