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The Great USA Road Trip- Day 2. Boone- Kansas City

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

What a day! 15 hours of driving, (Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois and Missouri) and we finally rolled into the SureStay motel about 50 miles from Kansas City, Missouri (I thought Kansas City would be in Kansas?), around 10:30 pm CDT, 12:30 am our time, ~15 hours after leaving Boone. We saw the many bridges of Saint Louis, including the famous arched bridge, albeit from a distance. The traffic has been fairly manageable so far. The weather has been cool and in fact overcast and rainy.

We crossed the Tennessee, Ohio, Mississippi and Missouri rivers, all except the Missouri were not in there name-sake states.

The video for yesterdays trip is now up and you might like to go back and check it out. It takes awhile for the videos to up and download and so not always easy to get up in a timely manner. We are currently at a Starbucks in the middle of Kansas somewhere (Daniel was happy) doing some of the, up and downloading. Hopefully we will get to-days trip up tomorrow...

(p.s half of Kansas City is in Kansas)

Tomorrow we are traveling through Kansas on our way to Denver then Laramie (if Dorothy won't come to the Wizard of Oz, the Wizard will come to Dorothy!).

I want to just thank Charlie for videoing, Danny for editing, and Charlie MacMillian, and Nick Chilman for the original music you can hear throughout (except for tomorrow's music which is by Jim James- please don't sue us!).

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