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The Great USA Road Trip -Day 3; Kansas City- Laramie WY.

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Well it's been another long 13 hour day, through heavy downpours and a few thunderstorms. The road across Kansas is an easy straight through shot. Kansas really is flat, with undulating hills and not much in-between. It is the land of Windmills and Wheat fields. There were hundreds of wind turbines and they are HUGE! There were also lots of wheat, corn, sorghum and soybean farms. Kansas is or was the home to many Native American tribes and has a lot of historic pioneer trails running through it. However, on a road trip there isn't much to see.

As we got into Colorado we saw the Rocky Mountains ahead of us, but turned parallel to them towards Cheyenne. I thought they would be bigger? Maybe when we get closer they will grow in size. The B&B we are staying at was difficult to find as it was up one of many dirt roads and not very well sign posted and difficult to see in the dark. However, we eventually found it and will put some photos in tomorrows blog. For those interested here is the website,

It has been great having Daniel and Charlie with me on this trip, particularly on these long days of driving!

leaving our SureStay motel, just outside Kansas City

Charlie and Daniel

The road through Kansas is long and straight!

Kansas is a land of Wind Mills and Wheat Fields

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