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Trains and Skyrails to Kuranda. Our last day in Cairns

Today we took a wonderful train upto Kuranda. This train line was built in the late 1800's and was quite a marvel of its time. Men had to hack through jungle, uphill, in the heat backwards, with no breakfast, to build it. Kuranda sits in the rainforest on top of a mountain not far from Cairns (about 1.5 hrs drive). you can go up by train or back by train, then go by Skyrail to come back or take the train again. The skyrail is fun and I think one of the longest chairlifts in the world, ~7+km, over the tops of the rainforest. You can stop of at two stops on the way back and have a walk around.

Kuranda is a small town, village that has permanent residents, but its main economy is tourists. Bird World and Butterfly world are located here and a must see. There are lots of arts and crafty type stores worth a visit.

After taking the Skyrail back, we went back to the foreshore to watch our last sunset and get some dinner. The net day we went to the airport. We had to fly via Brisbane and the chaos we experienced getting to Cairns wasn't quite over yet . Our flight from Cairns was delayed a few hours adn they had us waiting in a concrete tunnel gangway thing instead of letting us back into the air conditioned terminal with seats!. This meant the connecting flights in Brisbane had to wait for us and the Brisbane customers weren't too happy. But at least it did leave and we did get back to Perth, but around 10 pm. It took us 3.5 hours to fly to Cairns and 5 hrs to fly back due to headwinds.

Enjoy this episode and comment if you have any questions.



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