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Walpole and Porongorups Trip April 2024

Well this is "take 2" of my Walpole vlog., the first one disappeared on me!

i apologize for taking so long between vlogs,. I only go on trips during the school holidays, then I have to find time to make them. However, on this last one I have had trouble downloading the videos off of my sony alpha 6400 camera. The SD card won't show the videos on it on my computer (or any computer. The videos show up on the camera, but not when i slot the card into the card reader on the computer. I have tried to plug the camera directly into the computer as well but it does not show up on the screen. I might have to see if I have the correct cable. Maybe the sony camera needs a special sort of cable?? Anyway, I was going to do a different kind of video adn was trying to solve this problem, but it is taking too long, so will have to make do with this blog instead. Besides, I think these have become more of a journal for me as I am not sure if anybody else is watching anymore (because of the length of time between making them, and the fact that I have been going to the same places).

We went down south in the second week of the Easter break which was a good thing as there were less people around, especially at "Coalmine Beach" caravan park. I was also keen to give my car a test run as i had just installed new shocks, a lift kit and a sump guard, and although we didn't go off road too much it was good to make sure all the bolts were secured nicely and it gave me piece of mind when loading the car to the hilt. Unfortunately in the process of installing all this we discovered that my rear wheel bearings were shot, so had t replace those as well. At least i now have complete confidence when taking the Subi off road!

Firstly though we went to Karribanks lodge and stayed in a historic cottage. This is right on the Porongorups National park and I wanted Beth to climb up to the sky walk with me, and I new the only way to do that was to make sure she had a nice bed to sleep in afterwards. I'm still not sure if it was enough as her stomach muscles were sore for a few days afterwards. The hike up isnt too bad, its the last 50 meters where you have to climb up hand holds to get to the ladder for the sky walk that 'kill you'! Anyway i hope the view was worth it.

Cottage at Karribanks, sunset, on top of the skywalk.

On the skywalk, ladder climb, view.

After Karribank Lodge, we went down t one of our favourite caravan parks "CoalMine Beach" caravan park. This is a lovely park nestled amongst the peppermint trees just behind the beach. We were pleasantly surprised to see not many people as most people had come down over the Easter part of the break and had now gone back. We were hoping on this trip to get rain and a campfire, but we got neither! Usually this part of WA is very wet, but they hadn't had rain in this area for over 6 months! Yes folks, climate change is real. We sill haven't had rain to speak of here in Perth for nearly 10 months, whereas over East it has been nearly non-stop rain and floods. At least the Outback areas up north have been getting some rain. So we were not able to have a campfire. They had extended the campfire ban for another month. So strange as it may seem, the weather was beautiful. We visited Green's pool and Elephant rocks, which has to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, we went to "Valley of the Giants", Albany twice (as I left my hat at a friends house and had to go back to get it. not too bad, only an hour and a half away from Walpole), visited Denmark, and the many chocolate and cheese factories along the way. no, we didn't visit any of the wineries as Beth and I don't drink.. Other than that, we just lazed around and read our books and played 'Squidler" a great camping card game, which has become a tradition.

Here are some pics, enjoy.

Base camp; Green's Pool and Elephant Rock (which are just to the right of the photo)

Up in the canopy on the tree walk "Valley of the Giants"; watch where you walk, Giant Tingle tree

Base camp day /night/ view of CoalMine Beach from lookout.

These guys would hop through our camp and rest during the day behind our campsite. "Knock-knock" anybody home?

I hope you enjoyed this short blog. I had many videos, but i will have to resolve the download problem. Our next trip in July should be one worth watching, as we are going to the largest rock in the World... Yep you guessed it, Mount Augustus in Western Australia. See you then!

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