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Willow Springs: Part one of Two.

We had a long weekend so we decided to try out a free-camp site that a colleague of mine had told me about. Its a great little spot, with enough room for about 5 campsites with a hut for back packers on the Bibbulmun track or mountain bikes on the Mundibindi trail, like the ones on the Appalachian trail in North Carolina.

We walk a bit of the track, visit Donnelley River General Store and a mob or emus and Kangaroos.

There are myths that the Thylacine tiger inhabits these parts and some old-timers swear they have seen them. Nannup even has statues of them all around the town. They call it the Nannup Tiger. Well the first night we heard a weird "coughing-barking" sound near our campsite. I am familiar with lots of bush noises but this was different from anything I could recognize. It was a bit like a dog, but moving away, not staying in one place, and besides there were no homes or farms in the area. The next day we went into Nannup and asked about the Nannup Tiger. The man behind the counter in the store was not impressed with the people who claimed that they had seen them. I said, If I didn't know any better it sounded a bit like the deer I had heard in the mountains of North Carolina (which give a kind of coughing sound). The guy then said, well actually there used to be a deer farm nearby and when it closed they let all of the deer go into the woods! I said, that must have been what I heard! There are also pigs in the forest and they can make weird noises as well. So I reckon I heard deer that night. Who knew!

If you are enjoying these little vignettes of my life, please like or send a comment so that I know you enjoy them. To all of my friends and students in the USA I miss you all and hope you are staying safe and well.

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